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Yutaka Takanashi [Folio] – Limited to 10

Image of Yutaka Takanashi [Folio] – Limited to 10

Only 10 available

Yutaka Takanashi balanced out the soft and grainy styles characteristic of much of the work featured in Provoke with a sharp, more methodical style he brought from his career in commercial fashion. The photographer, however, shared a similar understanding of the power of photography. While his work with Provoke deviated from his commercial work, Takanashi went on to have a photography career nearly five decades long, often known for shifting his method between each project and using a range of different films and mediums.

This collotype portfolio features an exclusive biography of the artist entitled In Search of Photography’s Possibilities, written by Japanese photography historian Ryuichi Kaneko. The 12 images included were selected from the following bodies of work:

Tokyo-jin - 1966
His first major photo book publication, Tokyo-jin reflects Takanashi’s fascination with the evolving cityscape of Tokyo.

Toward the City - 1974
Takanashi continued to chronicle the Japanese metropolis' post-war evolution juxtaposed with its complicated economic metamorphosis and cultural contradictions in this acclaimed photobook.

Hatsukuni (Primal Landscape) - 1993
This series functions as a sort of travel journal of images Takanashi captured while meandering between the geographic extremes of Okinawa and Hokkaido.

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To view all of Takahashi's images included in the portfolio, download the PDF catalog.

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