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Miyako Ishiuchi [Folio] – Limited to 10

Image of Miyako Ishiuchi [Folio] – Limited to 10

Only 10 available

Miyako Ishiuchi spent her childhood near an American military base in post-war Japan. Evan as a young girl, Ishiuchi was both fascinated by Western culture and afraid of the dominant male presence on the military base. A self-taught photographer, her work was influenced by early schooling in textiles alongside the photography of Shomei Tomatsu and Daido Moriyama. Her major works span from the 70s to present day and are displayed worldwide.

This collotype portfolio features an exclusive biography of the artist entitled Woven Memories, written by photography critic Kotaro Iizawa. The 12 images included were selected from the following bodies of work:

Yokosuka Story - 1978
Ishiuchi channeled her love-hate relationship with American culture into this landmark work, which centers on her experiences as a young girl growing up in Yokosuka in an effort to better understand her adult self.

Apartment - 1979
Ishiuchi returned to Yokosuka for this body of work, which is an homage to the kind of residence she and her family lived in during her childhood and an exploration of the invisible effects of time, memory, and trauma on visible surfaces.

Club and Courts - 2007
Returning to Yokosuka a final time, Ishiuchi continues to explore the themes of time, memory, and trauma.

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To view all of Ishiuchi's images included in the portfolio, download the PDF catalog.

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