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Kazuo Kitai [Folio] – Limited to 10

Image of Kazuo Kitai [Folio] – Limited to 10

Only 10 available

Kazuo Kitai is an art school dropout who went on to create images in the are-bure-boke style, an approach completely counter to the images seen in his textbooks. This grainy, out-of-focus approach gave his images a unique perspective that further fueled his ongoing innovation. His anti-traditional style contributed to his ongoing fascination with protest photography, a key theme amidst the unrest of the 1960s. Later in his career, he moved on to photograph rural communities as urbanization took root in Japan in the 70s.

This collotype portfolio features an exclusive biography of the artist entitled Traversing the Terrain of Everyday Life, written by Japanese photography historian Ryuichi Kaneko. The 12 images included were selected from Kitai’s three earliest series:

Teiko (Resistance) - 1965
In the 1960s, after dropping out of Tokyo’s Nihon University College of Art, Kitai began to document the student protests that were rattling Japan. Living alongside the student occupiers, his photographs from this period reveal the power of his point of view, not as a mere onlooker, but rather from the perspective of the protester. He self-published this photobook at age 20.

Sanrizuka - 1971
From 1969 to 1971 Kitai lived in Sanrizuka, a rural farming village whose residents had been ordered off their land to make room for Narita International Airport. The farmers and their families refused to go silently and the clash, marked by sometimes violent conflict, became a highly visual metaphor for the friction between traditional culture and the pressures of modernization. Kitai’s photographs from this series earned him the Newcomer’s Award from the Photographic Society of Japan in 1972.

Mura-e (To the Village) - 1980
Inspired by his experiences in the countryside for Sanrizuka, Kitai dedicated the following years to an ongoing examination of rural life which led to the publication of Mura-e.

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To view all of Kitai's images included in the portfolio, download the PDF catalog.

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