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Kazuo Kitai [Print] – Limited to 25

Image of Kazuo Kitai [Print] – Limited to 25
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Only 25 available.

Demonstration, Yokosuka, Kanagawa is a photograph made by Kazuo Kitai as part of a series originally published in his photobook Teikō (Resistance) in 1964. Kitai took these frames in his early 20s, when his disillusionment with the coursework at Nihon University spurred him to drop out. In place of those studies, he took to the streets and channeled his desires into capturing the art and the act of resistance in 1960s Tokyo. Though the publishing process drained Kitai of all his money, the photographs published in Teikō (Resistance), including this print, reveal the power of his point of view from the perspective of the protester.

In this particular image, Kitai captures a heated moment of intense confrontation between the police and demonstrators. The tension between the participants, conveyed through the sharp contrasts between light and shadow, reveal how Kitai was able to both absorb and transmit the energy of the moment. Discovering later that the negative itself had been scratched, Kitai decided to embrace this element as part of a larger contemplation on the creative process of photography.

This print is can be ordered by itself or framed. Frames are available in two finishes, Clear Maple and Espresso, allowing them to seamlessly blend with any decor. As a complement to a larger photography collection or as a stand-alone objet d’art, these framed prints are sure to become a captivating conversation piece.

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Order with frame will ship in 2-3 weeks (free expedited shipping is included).

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