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Hitomi Watanabe [Folio] – Limited to 10

Image of Hitomi Watanabe [Folio] – Limited to 10

Only 10 available

Hitomi Watanabe’s photography career launched while the two-year protests at Tokyo University took place during the Zenkyoto Movement in the late 60s. As the only photographer given access to the protests from behind the barricades, her images from the point of view of the protestors were one of a kind. While she continued photographing the aftermath of the protests for two years, her natural muse later led her through multiple genres of photography, from portraits to wildlife.

This collotype portfolio features an exclusive biography of the artist entitled Capturing Life at its Source, written by photography critic Kotaro Iizawa. The images included were selected from the following bodies of work:

Tekiya no Sekai - 1967-1968
After enrolling in Tokyo College of Photography, Watanabe began photographing Shinjuku, an area of downtown Tokyo. Her first publication in a magazine, this work was a capstone for her college career.

Shinjuku Contemporary - 1968-1969
Inspired by her first publication, the images in this series were a continued exploration of the residents and cityscape of Shinjuku.

Tōdai Zenkyōtō - 1968-1969
Watanabe was given unique and intimate access to life behind the barricades during the Zenkyoto student riots at Tokyo University. From moments of relaxation and contemplation to violent conflict, Watanabe’s photographs of the Tokyo University riots brought the realities of Japan’s turbulence into the world’s spotlight and set her on course for an acclaimed career.

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To view all of Watanabe's images included in the portfolio, download the PDF catalog.

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