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Hitomi Watanabe [Print] – Limited to 25

Image of Hitomi Watanabe [Print] – Limited to 25
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This photograph by Hitomi Watanabe is part of a series published in the photobook Tōdai Zenkyōtō (1968-1969), her photo chronicle of the Tokyo University riots. Watanabe was given unprecedented access to these riots and thus was able to capture a uniquely intimate experience behind the barricades. Watanabe’s photographs of the Tokyo University riots, like this one, exposed the world to the realities of Japan’s turbulence and thus set Watanabe on course for an acclaimed career.

In this image, Watanabe composed her frame around a colossal stack of desks assembled into a makeshift barricade by students embroiled in the protest. By choosing to shoot from the vantage point of the ground, Watanabe conveys a powerful and sweeping view upward. As a student climbs to join her associates at the stack’s zenith, the image conveys a sense of triumph that is further reinforced by the atmospheric ether that slightly veils the figures atop the pile.

This print is can be ordered by itself or framed. Frames are available in two finishes, Clear Maple and Espresso, allowing them to seamlessly blend with any decor. As a complement to a larger photography collection or as a stand-alone objet d’art, these framed prints are sure to become a captivating conversation piece.

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Order with frame will ship in 2-3 weeks (free expedited shipping is included).

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