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Daido Moriyama [Folio] – Limited to 10

Image of Daido Moriyama [Folio] – Limited to 10

Only 10 available

Daido Moriyama once said he wanted to “destroy photography” with his work. In a way, he did, crushing the traditional idea of photography with images shot from a moving car to blurred nudes. Moriyama is known for upending traditional photography with raw street photos and defying conventions like sharpness and soft light. He joined Provoke for their second issue, publishing two Warhol-inspired series along with a set of nudes shot at a hotel. The now prolific photographer would eventually describe his work with the publication as both traumatic and stimulating.

This collotype portfolio features an exclusive biography of the artist entitled The Daido Moriyama Aesthetic, written by Japanese photography historian Ryuichi Kaneko. The 12 images included were selected from the following bodies of work:

Hunter - 1972
A radical collection of rough yet remarkable images that showcased photographs taken from a moving car.

Light and Shadow - 1982
This contemplation of light became even more pronounced in Light and Shadow (1982), wherein the titular dichotomous elements serve to weave the narrative of the photo book’s imagery.

Dog and Mesh Tights - 2015

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To view all of Moriyama's images included in the portfolio, download the PDF catalog.

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